Is Elemeta ready for public use?#

Elemeta is still in open beta. We’ve tested it both internally and in closed beta, but take in mind that this is still (and will always be) a work in progress. So if you see anything that doesn’t seem quite right or would like to add something to the project, please open a GitHub issue!

Is Elemeta part of Superwise?#

Elemeta is an open-source project developed and maintained by the data science team at Superwise. We originally developed the Elemeta capabilities to enhance our model observability capabilities in NLP and vision and shifted to an open-source approach with the realization of additional applications in the fields of EDA and feature extraction. Elemeta is and always will be free and open-source software, and we are more than happy to accept community contributions.


Elemeta does not send any information or open any port. All information is calculated locally.


Elemeta is brand new, so we don’t have a formal process for contributions just yet. If you have feedback or would like to contribute, just go ahead and post a GitHub issue.